Hochwertige Hölzer aus aller Welt.

The Swiss stone pine

King of the Alps

The Swiss stone pine (also known as the arolla pine, Austrian stone pine or the “King of the Alps”) grows on alpine terrain up to high altitudes. Its enormous resistance to frost enables the Swiss stone pine to tolerate the extremely harsh weather of mountainous regions, which can be withstood by hardly any other species. It is mainly found at altitudes of 1700 – 2200 metres above sea level, i.e. at the tree line, but occasionally even occurs at around 2800 m.
Together with the larch, the Swiss stone pine fulfills an absolutely important protective function in the Alpine region. Because their roots protect the forest and also the valley from avalanches, rockfall and mudflows.

The use and settlement of the Alps by humans and the resulting heavy grazing pushed the Swiss stone pine back over long periods of time. Thanks to sustainable forestry, more wood is growing again today than is being consumed. Austria has one of the strictest forestry laws in the world. We as a company goodwood Holzhandel GmbH respectfully comply with these regulations and sell PEFC certified wood. The common goal of sustainable forestry and certified trade is to ensure and develop “fit” stands for generations to come.

Even our ancestors may have been fascinated by the fascinating scent of the Swiss stone pine, because it is not for nothing that the Swiss stone pine wood is deeply rooted in the Alpine architectural style. This can be clearly seen in the numerous old guest and farm rooms, bedrooms, beds and children’s cradles.

Thus, furniture and entire rooms made of solid Swiss stone pine fit exactly into our modern times with the desire for relaxation and deceleration. Tourism and hotel industry recognized in the meantime likewise, because ever more frequently also there on Zirbenholz and its wonderful characteristics one sets. Often even entire wellness areas are created from pine wood.

We have been intensively involved with this fascinating type of wood since the beginning of this pine trend. Like no other timber supplier, we can therefore draw on a wealth of experience today. You will find Swiss stone pine lumber in stock in many different dimensions: kiln-dried for joineries and industry, or fresh for e.g. the trade.