Hochwertige Hölzer aus aller Welt.

About Goodwood

The widest range of wood in Carinthia

Ing. Gert Jahn, managing director of goodwood Holzhandel GmbH, is available with his team at the company premises in Grafenstein for all concerns regarding quality wood. In addition to the fleet of vehicles and the very good storage capacity (about 2000 m³ of various woods are permanently stored), there are about 5000 m² of closed storage halls on site. These protect the high-quality woods from environmental influences. In this way, the experienced timber supplier guarantees that customers can always be supplied with dry and best raw material wood. GOODWOOD customers also benefit from the service of in-house delivery.

Our biggest plus

Experience, our own fleet and a good network allow us to deliver high quality wood from all over the world in record time.

We are proud of this

Honest customer, supplier and employee relationships enrich our business life.

This is important to us

Trust, long-term cooperation, reliability, punctuality, adherence to delivery dates, quick delivery times and all-round satisfied customers!

100 % on schedule

Find a diverse store of value wood here!

How it all began

Ing. Gert Jahn, a graduate of the Holztechnikum Kuchl in Salzburg, founded the company Holz-Jahn in 2002.The first plant was located in Upper Carinthia. However, this soon became too small due to rapid and continuous growth. At the end of 2007, Ing. Gert Jahn therefore has a company site of approx. 9,500 m² in Grafenstein. From this new location, GOODWOOD customers have been supplied by the company’s own fleet of vehicles since the beginning of 2008. 2013 saw the founding of the company “goodwood Holzhandel GmbH”, whose sole shareholder is Ing. Gert Jahn is.

Today, more and more companies not only from industry and trade, but also joineries and the timber construction industry are turning to the diverse range of wood products. Thanks to the steadily increasing number of customers, the team has also grown. Competent and knowledgeable employees provide comprehensive advice today. On request, the team also explains to customers the typical properties of the individual woods in order to find the optimal product for them.

We see ourselves as your experienced contact for any of your wood-related concerns!