King of the Alps

The Swiss stone pine (also known as the arolla pine, Austrian stone pine or the "King of the Alps") grows on alpine terrain up to high altitudes. Its enormous resistance to frost enables the Swiss stone pine to tolerate the extremely harsh weather of mountainous regions, which can be withstood by hardly any other species. It is mainly found at altitudes of 1700 – 2200 metres above sea level, i.e. at the tree line, but occasionally even occurs at around 2800 m.
Together with the larch, the Swiss stone pine fulfils an essential protective function: its roots safeguard forests and valleys from avalanches, rock fall and landslides.

Usage and settlement of the Alps by man led to cultivation of the mountains for grazing, so encroaching on the habitat of the Swiss stone pine over the years. Thanks to sustainable forest management, the amount of timber from the stone pine now being produced exceeds current needs. Austria has some of the most stringent forestry legislation in the world. The company goodwood Holzhandel GmbH respectfully complies with these statutory provisions and sells timber which is certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). The common goal of sustainable forestry and certified trade is to safeguard and develop existing stocks of this species for current and future generations. This ensures that the resulting volumes of harvestable wood will cover the continuing boom in stone pine timber.

Our ancestors must intuitively have known about these benefits years ago: it is not a matter of chance that Swiss stone pine wood features prominently in the interior and exterior of buildings in the Alps. It can be found throughout the many traditional inns and farmhouses, often seen in bedrooms and used for beds and cradles.

Furniture and entire rooms made of solid Swiss stone pine cater for today's longing for relaxation and a slower pace of life. The positive effects of this species on our health and its delightful fragrance significantly contribute to a sense of well-being. The tourism and hospitality industry has meanwhile also realised this and is increasingly taking advantage of Swiss stone pine wood and its wonderful benefits. Nowadays this timber is often used to create entire spa areas.

Our company has focused on this fascinating species since the trend for the Swiss stone pine first came into being, and no other timber supplier can currently offer such extensive experience in this field. We stock a wide range of sawn wood from the Swiss stone pine in countless dimensions: kiln-dried for joineries and industry or fresh, for example aimed at trade and commerce.