The widest selection of wood in Carinthia

Gert Jahn, Managing Director of goodwood Holzhandel GmbH, and his team of staff are on hand in Grafenstein, ready to deal with all matters relating to quality timber. The company not only has its own fleet of vehicles and exceptional storage capacity (approx. 2000 m³ of all types of timber always in stock) – it also boasts some 5000 m² of indoor storage space, which protects its high-grade wood from external influences. This experienced timber business can therefore guarantee to supply customers with dry, top-quality timber wood at any time. Anyone buying GOODWOOD products additionally benefits from the firm's own delivery service.

Our key benefits

Experience, our own vehicle fleet and an extensive network allows us to supply high-quality timber from all over the world in record time.

A source of pride

Our business is characterised by honesty in all dealings, be it with customers, suppliers or staff.

What's important to us

Trust, long-term cooperation, reliability, punctuality, adherence to deadlines, fast delivery – and customers who are entirely satisfied!

Always on time

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We'd be delighted to receive your enquiry.

How it all began

Holz-Jahn was founded by Gert Jahn in 2002, after graduating from Holztechnikum Kuchl, a specialist college for the timber sector in Salzburg.
His first premises were in Upper Carinthia, but the site soon became too small thanks to the continuous dynamic growth of the business. At the end of 2007 this prompted Gert Jahn to buy new premises some 9500 m² in size, based in Grafenstein. At the start of 2008 GOODWOOD then began supplying customers from here with the company's own vehicle fleet.
In 2013 goodwood Holzhandel GmbH was founded by Gert Jahn as sole proprietor of the business.

Today an increasing number of companies are opting for its wide range of timber products: not just trade and industry, but also joineries and the timber construction sector.
Constant expansion of the customer base has led to an increase in staffing levels, and competent, experienced employees are on hand to offer in-depth advice. If wished, the team will also inform customers about the typical properties of each type of wood to ensure they receive the perfect product for their application.

Whatever your requirements for timber, you can rely on our experience!